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    The Regiment was organized on March 20, 1862.  The regiment was initially organized at Dalton prior to 20 March and then formerly taken into Confederate service at Camp McDonald located at Big Shanty just north of Marietta.  The regiment was "fat" having 1,363 initially.  Below is the brakedown of men per company.  By authorized strength a infantry company had 1 captain, 1 first lieutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 1 first sergeant, 4 sergeants, 8 corporals, 2 musicians, 1 wagoner, and 82 privates for a total of 101 soldiers.  The Field, Staff and Band consisted of 1 colonel, 1 lieutenant colonel, 1 major, 1 sergeant-major, 1 quartermaster's sergeant, 1 commissary sergeant, 1 adjutant, 1 quartermaster, 1 surgeon, 1 chaplain, 1 hospital steward, 2 principal musicians, and 2 assistant surgeons.

Company A     Cohutta Rangers        Murray County     155
Company B                                       Murray County     148
Company C     The Wells Guards      Whitfield County   129
Company D     Dade Invincibles         Dade County        140
Company E     Walker Light Guards  Walker County      137
Company F                                       Catoosa County    133
Company G     Gilmer Lions              Gilmer County       133
Company H     Chattooga Rangers     Chattooga County 173
Company I       Gilmer Tigers             Gilmer County       104
Company K     Walker Volunteers     Walker County      111
Field, Staff, and Band                                                        20
Approximate Totals   1383

It surrendered as a regiment at the battle of Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.  It was paroled as a whole on July 8, 1863.  It when into parole camps in Dalton, Georgia and was declared exchanged on September 12, 1863.  The regiment was organized in Decatur, Georgia.  It was consolidated with parts of the 34th and 56th Georgia and designated the 39th Infantry Regiment (Consolidated) at Smithfield, North Carolina on April 8, 1865.

    Below is some of the reported casualty rates and strength reports by the regiment during the war.

    This is the certified number of soldiers that were paroled at Vicksburg, Mississippi on the 8th of July 1863 as reported by J.F.B. Jackson in the Compiled Service Records.

    Officers:  33, Enlisted men:  521, Total:  554.  1 Colonel, 1 Major, 11 Captains, 20 Lieutenants, 60 Non-Commissioned Officers, 461 Enlisted Men.

    Official Records.

    Dalton to the Etowah River (7-20 May 1864)  Cumming's Brigade:  15 killed, 170 wounded.
    Battle of New Hope Church:  4 killed, 17 wounded.
    Quarterly Strength Report, November 18, 1864:  Cumming's Brigade:  85 officers, 617 men
    39th Georgia's strength as reported 19 January 1865:  134 effective, 171 total present, 197 aggregate.