Letters & Diaries
    All letters and diarie entires provided are typed as is.  Any of my comments or clarifications will be noted in italic type for clarification of a misspelling or understanding.

The following letter was provided by Valette Randall randallv@airmail.net of her ancestor Private James Russell Horn.  He was killed on 22 July 1864 during the Battle for Atlanta.

Quitman Mills June 6th 1863
Dear wife and children I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know where I am and how I am.  I was in the fight at Champion Hill.  I got wounded in the rite (sic) hip.  It is doing well.  Jeff and Oliver was in the fight too, was not hurt the last I saw of them.  Clay Horn was killed he was shot through the bowels.  I recon you are uneasy  This is the first chance I have had to writ (sic).  I was left in the hospital 18 miles this side of Vicksburg.  I stade (sic) 18 days.  The place was in the hands of the Yanks.  I have not heard a word from home in bout (sic) a month.  I want you to writ (sic) as soon as you get this.  The Yanks drove us back our men fought the best at Big Black River.  I have not heard a word from the boys.  They tuck (sic) a good many prisoners we had trying times.  Col McConald (sic) was shot in the thigh he came out this way.  I am about 140 miles this side Vicksburg.  The Yanks paroled all the wounded.  I hope I will get to come home.  Parkes was in Vicksburg.  He had a rising (?) on his hand.  Ned and Tom Pledger were in the fight and was not hurt our men cept (sic) fighting back and fighting.  I was shot --- in the fight.  I dont want you to be worry I am doing very well.  I would give anything to be at home with you and the children.  Dear wife I must close.  I will writ (sic) soon you must writ as soon as you get this your husband till death
J.R. Horn
To M.E. Horn
Dyrect (sic) to Quitman Mills in care of Surgeon Bryant
tell all my connection howdy and kiss the children.

    The following letter is provided by me, Gerald D. Hodge, Jr., about my great, great uncle, John M. Daniel.  The letter was an affidavit about John's disability and wound by his brother Milligan Chester.  They, along with two other brothers and an uncle and cousin were all in D Company.  Personally, knowing the terrain where they fought and the battle situation I am surprised that he made it off Missionary Ridge without being captured.  His buddies must have taken care of him because being wounded in such a manner would have allowed him to do much walking.

Georgia Dade County

    Personally came before me who (?) and I write that I am acquainted with John M. Daniel.  That he is my brother that he enlisted with him in March 1862 in Co D 39 Ga Volunteers and at the battle of Missionary Ridge the said John M. Daniel was shot through groin after which he was taken to hospital at Marietta, Ga.  There he remained two months.  I visited him while in hospital about a week after the battle.  He was very low at the time.  I never saw him anymore till after the surrender.  I learned after my return home that he was sent home on wounded furlough.  On my return home I met him there and he was still suffering from the wound and cronic (sic) direah (sic) and is still suffering now from the wound.
    Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sept 10, 1904.

M.C. Daniel

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